Timing your building project

Timing your building project

GBS Architectural on July 30, 2020

Planning an extension or loft conversion at your property or even an outbuilding is a very exciting project so deciding when to carry out the works can often be rather lost in all the focus on the design. A key part of a successful project is deciding the best time for the work and this will vary depending on the nature of the project and whether it is internal or external to the home. GBS offer architectural services in London with a strong online presence and a portfolio of successfully completed projects for clients to view. If you are looking for experts in home extensions in London or the best outbuilding designs in London then make GBS your first click.

When is the best time to carry out the conversions, renovations or a new build?

The answer to this is very individual and will depend on the building structure and the size and complexity of each project. Loft conversions usually happen during the summer months because the weather is more favourable – the short dark days of winter can hamper work and weather issues like high winds may also cause problems. Likewise, an extension which involves breaking through into the main house is often better undertaken in the summer months. Delays caused by winter weather can impact on the cost for buiding the project.

How long will it take before the building can begin?

Don’t forget to factor the time taken into your architectural design project to draw up the plans, obtain planning permission and, if necessary, agree on an award under the Party Wall Act 1996. You will also need to submit your plans for Building Control inspections to ensure the work complies with building regulations irrespective of whether you need planning permission or not, all of this can often take between two to three months.

Let GBS advise you on the timing of your project. Our expert online architectural services team have years of experience delivering outbuilding designs and home extension in London and are familiar with all the ins and outs of the planning process. Our website explains more gbs.co.uk

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