Home Architectural Designer

London Architecture

Investing in property in London will always be a wise decision, and if you are fortunate enough to own a property, you can add value to it by adding an extension, loft conversion or by undertaking home renovations. At GBS Architectural, our experienced architectural designers are hand-picked to create exciting renovation and extension plans for homes in Clapham, Fulham and the surrounding areas.

Home Architectural Designer in Fulham and Clapham

Using a designer who is experienced in architecture home design in the local area means you can be sure of receiving the most up to date advice on extensions or renovations. Our understanding of local property construction allows us to make suggestions regarding renovations which could improve your lifestyle.

Architectural Designs for Houses

Whether you live in Clapham, Fulham or the surrounding areas of London, no two properties are the same and your requirements will depend on the way you want to live and the space you have available. An experienced architectural designer can help you see the potential within your home, presenting options for extensions or alterations. From removing walls, to moving the location of your kitchen, to loft or side return extensions, you can be sure of a personalised service from your first phone call to us.

Change of Circumstances

If you live in a property for a number of years, it is only to be expected that over time the function of each room might change. The addition of a new partner, the arrival of children, or a change in health can all lead people to reconsider ways that their home might better suit new circumstances. At GBS Architectural, we offer practical but exciting property ideas to ensure you are able to live the way you want to, without compromising on style or design. The arrival of children should lead to exciting, functional spaces, rather than dull design. A change in health can be seen as a chance to re-invigorate a property to meet your new needs. And of course, there needn’t be a big life change to instigate refreshing your home; and our architecture can make your dreams come true whatever your circumstances.

If you want further advice on architectural design in Fulham, Clapham and surrounding areas, call GBS Architectural today for a no-obligation chat on 020 3384 9464.