Listed below are permitted developments, presented in summary form.
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Side out buildings are considered permitted development providing they conform to the following:

  • Extension must NOT exceed 50% of the total area of land around the originally built house.
  • Have a height NOT exceeding 4m with a dual pitched roof or 3m with a flat roof, an eaves height NOT exceeding 2.5m with a dual pitched roof.
  • When within 2m of the boundary the whole building should not exceed 2.5m.
  • The building must NOT be a self-contained living accommodation or have a microwave antenna.


Front out buildings are NOT permitted development.


Permitted development rights are NOT available on designated land, such as Conservation Areas, World Heritage Sites, National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks.

The Originally Built House is the footprint constructed on or prior to 1st July 1948.

Buying and selling property in London can be a stressful and complicated experience, and therefore one that you might be keen to avoid. However, if your current property is no longer working for you in terms of the space it offers, then you may feel that you have no option but to look elsewhere. At GBS Architectural, we pride ourselves in creating small outbuilding designs that can add an additional room to your property without doing any property renovations or building an extension.

Outbuilding Designs in London

GBS Architectural has a team of handpicked architectural designers with a passion for overcoming obstacles to help clients live the way they want to. Outbuildings are dwellings or buildings that are separate to your home, and are often located within your garden or outside space. They can be just as luxurious as your own home, making them an ideal addition if you do not want to, or cannot, extend your property. Shipping containers and wooden cabins have risen in popularity in back gardens in recent years.

Unique Projects

At GBS Architectural, every project is unique. In London, many clients are looking to add an office away from the home, and adding a small outbuilding gives the perfect space without worrying about renting a desk or a daily commute.

Outbuildings don’t need to be used solely for work, however. Creating an outbuilding for use as a children’s playroom can keep the clutter of toys out of the house, or you could create a home gym to allow you to exercise at any time of the day or night.

We have worked on unique projects locally including a contemporary ground floor extension at Malden Road, and a light loft extension at Denton Street. Similarly, our small outbuilding designs are created to encompass all of your design ideas, giving you a room that you will truly love. You may be able to avoid moving house by adding a functional room in your garden to free up some space inside your home.

Beautiful Design

We can tailor our designs to your taste. Whether you want a sustainable, eco-friendly outbuilding that blends into the greenery, or a bold, statement cube that will wow you every day, GBS Architectural will listen to your requests and weave them into the design.

Call GBS Architectural today for a no-obligation chat on 020 3384 9464.

This is not an exhaustive list and you should always seek advice before the commencement of any works.