Achieving the best design for your living area

Achieving the best design for your living area

GBS Architectural on October 17, 2019

21st-century living requirements are pretty unique.  Most people prefer an open plan and spacious look to their living area where different activities within the family can blend seamlessly together.  This can prove a challenge in the standard format of most homes, particularly in older properties which tend to be divided up into separate rooms which don’t quite fit the bill for modern living.

Choosing an architectural designer to design a living area or room might seem a little over the top.  But sometimes a makeover is just not enough to achieve the lifestyle changes within the home.  Alongside property developers in Wandsworth, GBS works with lots of older style and period properties through to new builds which all need some creative flair, an architecture inspired interior design living room.

Why use modern architecture for your living room?
Modern architecture design principles can make a bolder statement in your home than a simple refurbishment or renovation project.  It goes beyond plain interior design and looks at the living space in a more structural way. The outcome is often unexpected because it takes creative vision to really transform a space and most people only look at the superficial whereas real living room architecture goes to the fabric and structure of the property.

How can architecture design transform your living room?
Many people think of architecture as something totally structural and rather soulless.  However, design is a big part of modern architecture.  It reflects the ability of the architecture to create a vision beyond just four walls.  Design-driven and creatively focused, GBS focus wholly on what the customer wants delivering provocative and innovative creative solutions to reflect the uniqueness that is your home.

Tricks of the trade

Share some of our best-kept design secrets honed through years of experience:-

  • Celebrate architectural features such as exposed beams, fireplaces, ornate plasterwork or support columns. Integrating structural elements into the overall design creates interest and distinctiveness
  • Good living room architecture and design can be about maximising small spaces. The architecture will reinvent your home but clever use of colour and space-saving furniture can also enhance the illusion of size
  • Division is still possible in open living areas, think zones rather than rooms. Use clever features such as open shelving which you can utilise for storage and display but leave partly unadorned so you can still see the area beyond

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  1. Awesome resource, Team GBS! This post is really helpful. I liked the way you have explained how architectural design can transform a living room. Your “tricks of the trade” have inspired me. My husband and I are in the process of building a new home, and this was a perfect time to come across this article. Do you have any suggestions or advice about what to avoid when designing a home?

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