GBS Architectural on January 20, 2021

Projects within Conservation Areas

We are regularly engaged in projects or potential projects located within conservation areas, there is usually, but not always an air of apprehension in the voices of the homeowners calling us about these potential projects, we hope that this blog post helps to alleviate some if not all those worries....
Timing your building project
GBS Architectural on July 30, 2020

Timing your building project

We recently took the call of a potential client looking to have a rear extension built to provide a larger kitchen and dining space for their family home. Any form of home extension is exactly the sort of project we at GBS Architectural love to be involved with, the one...
Creating the Ideal Home Office
GBS Architectural on May 21, 2020

Creating the Ideal Home Office

The coronavirus pandemic has brought shock and confusion to businesses, schools and individuals. People who have never worked from home before have been forced to do so—and many of us have adjusted to this new normal. If home working has been a success for you, you may be looking for...
Renewable Energy Resources Are the Future for Your Home
GBS Architectural on March 24, 2020

How Renewable Energy Resources Are the Future for Your Home!

Introduction Home is the most comfortable zone for any individual. It is synonymous to pure love and affection. There are houses which are built for ages but are still maintained in a good and usable manner. Though they have the best architecture and grandeur, some of the houses are not...