Basement Conversions

An unused basement can hold many possibilities for creating beautiful living space that adds value to the visual appeal and quality of any home.

If you are looking to create more space in your property, it can be easy to overlook the potential of your basement. Basement conversions in London are becoming a popular way to add a functional room, and value to your property, when you might otherwise have thought that you had exhausted the potential space of your home.

Basement Conversion Specialists

At GBS Architectural, our team of architectural designers are experienced in helping you to make the most of your unused basements. Although the idea of living below ground might conjure up images of a dark, damp and unloved space, a basement conversion executed well can leave you with a light, airy room that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Our team can help with every stage of this process. It is important for us to understand what you might want to use your basement for; a kitchen or living space, home cinema, study or children’s play room, can all work well below ground but the design for each will be different.

As an experienced basement conversion company, we make it our job to understand how you and your partner or family live, to ensure we include concepts within our design that will make your daily life a joy.

Bringing the Outside In

If your property has a garden, you may be keen to incorporate access to the garden from your new basement room. Bifolding doors are a popular way to give great access to your green space, and, when fully open, can give the feeling of being outdoors even when you are still within the house. Whether cooking, working, or relaxing, you can make the most of your outdoor space.

Keeping the Space Light

There are many clever ways to ensure basements don’t feel dark and can in fact be just as light as any other room in the house. Light tunnels and the addition of an egress window will ensure natural light gets into a basement. Depending on your property, adding glass doors or additional windows can keep a room naturally well lit.

To discuss your ideas with a basement conversion specialist, call GBS Architectural today for a no-obligation chat on 020 3384 9464.