Semi-Detached House Extension Ideas

GBS Architectural on May 18, 2021

Semi-Detached House Extension Ideas

We have spoken about house extensions and house extension ideas previously over on our Extension’s page, if you haven’t taken a look at that first we suggest having a read over to familiarise yourself. In this blog post we will be looking at something a little more specific, house extension ideas for those with a semi-detached property. It may seem a trivial point but there is little to no information out there that looks to define the difference between property types, their inherent benefits and more importantly how and why homeowners should look to take advantage of their home to maximise its potential.


The Benefits

As with other house extensions the benefits from a extending your semi-detached home will have a huge impact on your home, the include the following:

Space – Those with house extensions ideas will undoubtedly see an increase of usable space added to their home.  This space will be designed tailor made to your project brief ensuring that not only will you have more space but the space you will now have is exactly what you need.

Value – Extending your home will increase the value of your home, the actual amount will of course vary dependant on the size of the works, the quality of the design and the level of finish on the project itself.

Layout Efficiency – Clients with semi-detached house extensions ideas will most likely want to alter the layout of their home whilst undergoing other works, this will allow the project to be designed holistically with the entirety of the home, ensuring that the property works with a more efficient layout.

Light – We like to always press the importance of natural light onto our clients, each project we work on is unique but one of the most constant house extensions ideas is increasing the intake of natural light into the home.

Energy Efficiency – Just like with a loft conversion a lesser known benefit of a new house extension is that you are going to see an improvement on your homes energy efficiency, as the newer construction will be of a higher performance you should expect to see an upturn in energy efficiency.

How Do I

But What About Semi-Detached Houses?

It is fair to say that the benefits listed about apply to those with their own house extension ideas whether this be a ground floor flat, terraced, semi-detached or detached home, what benefits are those with semi-detached houses and semi-detached house extension ideas like to see?

Space – Those with a semi-detached house are likely to have a bigger plot of land to work with, again generally speaking the more space you have to ‘play’ with the more space you can potentially add to your home.

Design Freedom – Owing to the fact that one side elevation of the property is exposed and therefore further away from the nearest neighbour those with house extension ideas at their semi-detached house can hope to have access to a broader design spectrum as the usual limitations are likely to be less important, this could mean higher ceiling heights, a more modern/contemporary design or simply using materials that may not have been allowed elsewhere.

Side Extensions – Again adding onto the two previous points, the exposed side elevation opens itself up to a world of possibilities, this is where we at GBS Architectural can bring a creative flair to the project and add something different for our clients with semi-detached house extension ideas. This could be something simply such as a side utility room/boot room or something more complex as creating a larger wider family reception room.

First Floor Extensions – Dependant on the local authorities’ design guidance and the specific street scene we are working with it may be feasible to look at a first-floor extension either at the side, the rear or both. First floor extensions can bring something entirely different to a project. This may come in the form of enlarging the spaces already present or uplifting the property with an additional bathroom, bedroom or even a walk-in wardrobe to create a master bedroom you didn’t know you needed.

Permitted Development – It would not be an architectural article if permitted development wasn’t mentioned, those with house extensions ideas should always look to the guidance to see if their proposals can work with the rights to make the planning process a little smoother. Those with semi-detached house extension ideas will be extremely pleased to know that they have access to an additional space allowance of 10 cubic metres if they are looking at a loft extension.

GBS Architectural – How Can We Help You?

The above is a broad outline of how those with house extension ideas can benefit especially if your home is semi-detached. To gain a better understanding of the exact benefits you are likely to see or the potential constraints on your property we would suggest you send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your project with you.

From there we can provide you with a more detailed outline of the benefits specific to your property in addition to outlining the process you will need to go through to get from the initial conception stage. We will also aim to provide you with several house extension ideas and specifically semi-detached house extension ideas to help maximise the potential of your house extension and ensure that it not only satisfies your needs today but into the future.

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