Best design ideas for a bedroom extension

Best design ideas for a bedroom extension

GBS Architectural on July 12, 2019

Your bedroom is your hard-earned retreat at the end of the day. Sleep is a vital process to restore ourselves and a good night’s sleep begins in an inviting bedroom. If you’re feeling cramped and unsatisfied in your current sleep space, it may be the right time for a bedroom extension.

House remodeling is a serious task, so job number one is finding help. Skilled property designers are at your service in the communities of Surrey, Fulham, Wimbledon, and Clapham to help you create your master bedroom masterpiece.

Design trends for home extensions
What’s on trend for house renovation in the UK? Loft conversions. Even a simple loft conversion can bring added value and square footage to your home. These versatile spaces can be transformed into ample-sized bedrooms, maybe even equipped with ensuite bathrooms. Raising the room count in your home has a positive and lasting impact on your future resale value.

If you don’t want to go up, you can always go out, through a single storey or rear home extension. Conveniently located on the main floor, a first-floor extension can provide an ideal setting for a new spacious bedroom extension, a living room extension, or a bathroom renovation. Whichever you pursue, you can’t go wrong with beautiful bathrooms, kitchens and living areas – all universally enjoyed features for homeowners and future buyers.

If there is no space to extend your home outward, you can always look inside or above your garage for inspiration. Garage conversions are a popular option to maximize living space. Or, if you can’t bear to part with your parking space, an extension above your garage may be the right choice for you. Converting an existing garage or building a second storey above can be a cost-effective option, making use of a garage foundation that is already there.

The possibilities for home extensions are truly endless, and a trained architectural designer will be able to assess all the potential growth options in your home. Talk to your local architectural professional to learn more about extension possibilities and costs, and begin building your dream from there.

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