Things to consider when planning a house extension

GBS Architectural on May 22, 2019

A home extension is a big project that can offer big returns. Adding square footage is a smart investment in the long-term value of your home, and a great alternative to relocating if you love where you live, but need more space.

Planning a house extension involves many considerations and important decisions along the way, from deciding what you want and can afford, to which permissions and professionals you need on your team to get it done. Keep these tips in mind when starting the exciting process of expanding your home.

Design and planning
What do you really want? It’s the first question to ask yourself when you begin planning your home extension. Your wish list will be a critical factor in the overall budget and timeline of your project. Consult with a qualified home extension designer to explore the possibilities. Architectural designers can provide advice on internal building and alteration work inside your home, and insight on the latest local London trends for stylish single and double-story extensions.

As your ideas begin to take shape, they must also comply with local building regulations. Different types of planning permissions are required for home extensions in the UK, so you’ll want to be sure your plans are possible. Qualified architectural designers can assist with creating detailed specifications for your project, as well as with addressing any local planning permission concerns.

Making the most of your investment
We don’t all have the same taste and talents when it comes to renovations, so professional help is key to investing your money wisely. Take advantage of a knowledgeable architectural designer to keep your design ideas in-line with what is attractive not only to you, but to your neighbourhood and potential future buyers. A well-designed professional renovation is the best way to secure added and lasting value for your home.

Do your research to find the right professional who will communicate clearly with you, collaborate well and bring a strong track record to the table. A skilled home architectural designer will be your secret weapon in designing a home extension that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

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