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Things to consider while doing a House Extension

GBS Architectural on July 12, 2019

You’ve made the wise decision to invest in your property by building an extension. Good for you! Research shows us not only will this add more enjoyment to your life as the home owner, it will also add lasting value to your home – up to 20 percent in some cases, according to the Nationwide Building Society.

When dealing with major renovations on something as large and valuable as your home, you will want to make informed decisions along the way. Don’t approach your project alone. There are many qualified architectural designers in London who can guide you through this process, and advise you on important considerations along the way.

You can’t put a price on experience
The cost of a home extension can vary widely depending on your particular wants and needs. Generally, kitchen extensions, additional bathrooms and added square footage of any kind are always sound investments. When determining your total estimated cost of building an extension, budgeting for professional help is as important as budgeting for materials and labour. Skilled architectural designers in London are your secret weapon for creating winning house extension designs that will be beautiful, functional and maximise your budget. While you may be tempted to cut costs by proceeding on your own, you will not regret the choice of consulting with skilled and experienced professional help.

Time is money
Once your plan for your dream home extension is in place, be sure you are in compliance with all local building regulations for your area. Major delays with planning permissions can impact your ability to start or finish your project and can be costly if you need to pay or retain different contractors to complete the work.

If you’ve taken the time to enlist the services of an experienced property consultant, they can help ensure you are always on track and on budget throughout your design and construction process. Be sure to establish a relationship with a trusted architectural firm who is highly reviewed and recommended, and can show you other inspirational projects they have recently completed. It is an exciting and rewarding process to complete a home extension – make sure you do it in good company!

  1. Oh! I love this :

    Our loft has been extended before we moved in- but not in the way I’d have done it. Your blog provided a lot of insight on house extension. Might have to sort it out in the future.

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