Five easy hacks to help redecorate your basement

Five easy hacks to help redecorate your basement

GBS Architectural on November 22, 2019

A basement extension may be something you’ve dreamt of, or something you already have, and at GBS Architectural we know that there are simple hacks to redecorating your basement to transform an unloved space into something magnificent. From ideas as simple as paint choice to more extravagant ideas, your basement can be transformed in just a few simple steps.

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At GBS Architectural, we have years of experience and have built up a strong reputation in the local area. Our work speaks for itself, and from lofts to underground extensions, we approach each project with fresh eyes. We have a desire to get to know our clients and their lifestyles, so that we can suggest home improvements that will suit their day-to-day living. Our easy hacks can help you transform your current basement into a space that you’ll love once more.

Basement Flooring

When you think of a basement, you want to imagine somewhere that is an extension of your home, rather than a damp, cold space. Flooring can make a huge difference to a room, and particularly underground. It may be time to consider new basement flooring that will make the room sing. From a fresh new carpet, to engineered oak floors, your choice should lift the room and make it feel more homely again.


It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. To achieve a lighter room, consider a reflective paint to make the space look bigger. For a darker room such as a snug or home cinema, choose deeper colours. Consider having a feature wall, or hanging new artwork or family photos for a personal touch.

Assigning Function

You may have an extension with a purpose that is unclear. Assigning function to the basement extension is an excellent way to make it feel like part of your home. From a home gym to a spa room, or a kitchen or office, your basement may need a little more love to find its purpose.


Depending on the purpose of your basement room, adding soft accessories such as cushions, rugs and blankets can soften the space. Comfortable seating, soft lighting and candles can all create a beautiful atmosphere that will make you want to spend more time there.

If you would like to make changes to your existing basement contact GBS Architectural for more information.

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