Create additional living space in London

Create additional living space in London

GBS Architectural on October 22, 2019

With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and an economy that is understandably lacking in confidence, it is not surprising that the housing market is not looking very inspiring at the moment.  With the future uncertain, many people are opting not to move house at this time but what if you need more space?

GBS  are architectural designers in London specialising in creative solutions for residential properties whether this is a loft conversion, interior re-design or basement conversion.  Loft conversions have been all the rage but now people are looking down at the ground beneath their feet as space which could be utilised for living within the home.

Many older London properties have basements and these have long enjoyed a reputation as somewhere damp and dingy, used for the storage of items surplus to requirements and certainly not a place you would want to go and spend any time in.  Move over loft conversions as basements are the new 21st century interior design trend.

Popular basement conversions
One of the most desirable conversions is a basement entertainment centre or media room, a great option as this doesn’t disrupt other family members by using one of the main reception rooms in the house.  Start with a child’s play area and then upgrade to a basement entertainment room as they get older.  Children and teenagers love spending time with their friends away from their parents and basements offer the perfect dedicated space to achieve a sense of seclusion and privacy.

What is a basement entertainment wall?
A basement entertainment wall is whatever you want it to be.  It could be a mixture of television or home cinema with bookcases or music options.

Basements also make great office spaces and home gyms, they are perfect for any activity where you want to separate off from the rest of the family for a time.  They are an ideal way to create more space when extending the property is not possible for other reasons such as lack of space or planning restrictions.

If you are looking for reliable property developers in Fulham, let GBS Architectural advise on the potential options for your basement.  We can help you get creative to fit around your budget, type of property and lifestyle requirements.  Take a look at our website

  1. GBS Architectures have a well-rehearsed formula for the construction phase to smoothly follow on from the design. We have never had more organised, attentive, professional and considerate builders. The outcome of renovating the basement of ours is sensational – better than we ever expected – and now the centre of our children’s’ lives!
    Off to share this post now, I will recommend them to anyone I know – I have no hesitation whatsoever in doing so!

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