Creating the Ideal Home Office

Creating the Ideal Home Office

GBS Architectural on May 21, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has brought shock and confusion to businesses, schools and individuals. People who have never worked from home before have been forced to do so—and many of us have adjusted to this new normal. If home working has been a success for you, you may be looking for some inspiration for the best home design ideas to make it even easier.

Why Make Changes?
If you haven’t been financially affected by coronavirus, now might be the ideal time to talk to GBS Architectural about the home office you’ve always dreamt of. Your monthly outgoings may have reduced in the last few months, with less spending on fuel and business travel—as well as treats and luxuries. These savings could be enough to allow you to finally make those alterations to your home.

Resilience and resourcefulness have been abundant during this time, so if you have set up a freelance business or have changed your business model, you may now need a study to ensure your new aspirations are a success. Again, this is an area in which GBS Architectural can help—and you’d be surprised how little it could cost.

Internal Alterations London
You may have a spare bedroom or reception room that you would like to convert into a study or home office. At GBS Architectural, we have experience in the best of office architecture in London. We can, therefore, advise on design features to enhance your productivity and satisfaction when working at home.

External Home Architecture London
Outbuildings including external dwellings, shipping containers and log cabins are rising in popularity. When the COVID-19 crisis has passed, more people will probably want a home office in their garden. An outbuilding is an ideal space away from the home for you to work without distractions—one in which you can take business calls or join video conferences privately. You can lock the outbuilding up at the end of the day and return to the house while mentally ‘leaving work behind’. Outbuildings can be heated during the winter while allowing you to maximise your enjoyment of your garden during the spring and summer.

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